viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

And although I try, I can't avoid repeating myself.

Here we are, in the best years of our lives.
With no way of knowing, when the
whee'll stop spinning,
cause we don't know where we're going.

And here we are, on the best day of our lives.
And it's a go, lets make it last, so cheers you
all to that, 'cause this moment's never comin' back.

I used to know (his) brother, but I never
knew I loved (him), 'till the day (he) laid (his)
eyes on me. Now I'm jumpin' up and down,
(he)'s the only one around, and (he) means
every little thing to me.

I've got your picture in my wallet, and your
phone number to call it, and I miss you more,
whenever I think about you.
I've got your mixed tape in my Walkman,
been so long since we've been talkin',
and in a few more days,
we'll both hook up, forever and ever.

And here I am, on the west coast of America,
and I've been tryin' to think for weeks
of all the ways to ask you,
and now I've brought you to the place,
where I've poured my heart out,
a million times, for a million reasons,
to offer it to you.

2 comentarios:

  1. Y cómo es el día a día en América ¿ah?
    ¿Está siendo el mejor año de tu vida?