domingo, 2 de enero de 2011


Dear you,
   Maybe I’m too foolish to believe, you know, you and me could be together. I’m not completely sure if illusions will ever change into something real, but what I’m most confident with is that anything in life is worth fighting for.
   Everyone has always told me if I want something I should go and get it by my own means, that I should never look back, and if I fall or stumble down, I should get up again. That's the only way of knowing what life's really about.
   Therefore, I'm not going to waste this opportunity now, maybe it's not as clear as I wished it to be, but I'll just try. Just hoping that Lady Luck smiles on me for once in my life.

2 comentarios:

  1. mmm...hola!:)
    gracias por pasar y quedarte en la botella, te confesaré música en inglés no es mi preferida y consumo poca...pero Mr.Brightside es una de mis preferidas!:D
    yo tambien te sigo, muuah!:)